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A useful guide to the Celtic Trinity Knot, a traditional Celtic Symbol. All you need to know about the Trinity Knot symbol which is commonly associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle.

The celtic trinity knot is also referred to as the Triquetra meaning a three-cornered shape. It is a popular feature in Celtic art, more specifically in Insular art.

Read a selection of facts and useful information about the trinity knot symbol including its meaning and origin. Everything you need to know about the Celtic Trinity Knot, a truly  iconic symbol of Ireland.

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Facts about the Celtic Trinity Knot
Christians believe the knot refers to the 'Trinity' and represents the three forms of God as a single being. God the father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

Nowadays, the trinity knot symbol is often used as a design for wedding and engagement rings and other jewelry items. The three intertwining symbols represent the couples promise to love, honour, and protect each other in life

The trefoil knot is believed to be named after the three-leaf clover which is called the trefoil plant

Trinity knots are featured in several ancient Celtic manuscripts including the famous Irish Book of Kells

Celtic Trinity Knots can also be found on metalwork and stone carvings

The Latin word for Trinity is 'Trinitas' and means the number three or a triad


Origin of the Celtic Trinity Knot
The Celtic Trinity Knot is also known by the name 'Triquetra' which means triangle and means a three-cornered shape. It is a popular feature in Celtic art, more specifically in Insular art. Insular art is believed to have originated from the Irish monasticism of Celtic Christianity in the early middle ages.

A famous example of Insular art can be found in the beautiful illustrated manuscript, the 'Book Of Kells'. Insular art is popular in illuminated manuscripts (such as the Book of Kells) as well as metalwork and stone carvings, indeed many Celtic crosses feature this type of illustrative art work. Today, the Celtic Trinity knot is often found in jewelry where the beautiful knot pattern is used in necklaces, wedding and engagement rings.

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History of the Trinity Symbol
The word 'Trinity'  refers to a mystery of the Christian faith. The Latin form of the word Trinity is 'Trinitas' which means the number three or a triad. Christians believe that the trinity knot represents God as three separate forms; the father, the son and the holy spirit. These three forms exist as one, hence the intertwining form of the knot.

In today's modern Ireland the three symbols of the Celtic Trinity Knot represent Love, Protection and Honor and a necklace or ring featuring this design is often the first gift a partner gives their loved one as a symbol of affection.

"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you."

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