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A comprehensive guide to maps of Northern Ireland and Ireland. All you need to know about the different cities and towns of Ireland. How did Northern Ireland and Ireland appear in the 16th Century?

What did the countries of Northern Ireland and Ireland look like after the Settlement Act of 1653? Want to discover the origin of your Irish family surname? We have even included a map from the 16th century showing surnames that originated in Northern Ireland and Ireland! Just click on the link to go to our desktop site for a free large printable version. Information and facts on different Irish Counties, Cities and Towns. Discover lots of useful information about Northern Ireland and Ireland in our selection of free online printable Maps.

Map of Northern Ireland & Ireland - Roadmap
Visitors to Ireland and Northern Ireland should remember that Ireland is indeed two separate countries with different laws and currencies. Road signs in the Republic of Ireland are usually in Irish and English but some smaller towns will only have the Irish town name listed. In Northern Ireland, all road signs are in English.

It is important to remember when driving in Northern Ireland that the road signs and speeds are in Miles and Miles per hour (MPH) as opposed to the Republic of Ireland where the speeds and signs are in Kilometres and Kilometres per hour (KPH).

This can be very confusing when travelling in Ulster for example as there are no borders to warn you that you have entered a different country! The driver will just see a welcome sign e.g. Welcome to Donegal, this is the only indication that you have in fact entered a different country!

When driving from Dublin to Donegal for example there are several occasions when you will go from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland and back again! This is especially confusing at gas and petrol stations as the currency changes from British pounds to the Irish Euro. Click here or on the map below to view a printable copy of the map.

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Map of Northern Ireland and Ireland - 16th Century
The image below shows Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as a single country separated into four areas known as provinces at the beginning of the 16th Century.

The location of the origin of family surnames have also been included. Particularly useful for genealogy research or anyone wishing to see where their Irish family or surname originally came from! Some of the surnames include O' prefix, and spellings slightly differ from surnames used today.

Map of Northern Ireland and Ireland - Settlement Act 1653
Look at our desktop site for a  map which represents how the Island of Ireland was divided according the the Act Of Settlement which was passed on the 26th September 1653 by the English parliament and Oliver Cromwell.  Oliver Cromwell and the English parliament passed the order to force the Irish people 'To Hell or to Connaught'. The Irish people had their land taken away and were either killed or moved to the small section of Ireland located to the west of the River Shannon covering the counties of Clare, Roscommon, Galway and a large part of Mayo The seizure of the Irish land was punishment by Cromwell for the Irish rebellion of 1641, he was determined to remove land and property from the Irish people and hand it over to the English.

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