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A comprehensive list of Irish facts! All you need to know about major events in the history of this amazing country.

Learn about the historical events that forced the people of Ireland to flee their native land in search of a better life.

Read about the struggle with English rule over the centuries and how the island of Ireland is actually two completely separate countries each with its own government and currency.

Lots of information, all associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle

Read a huge selection of facts about Ireland. Facts about everything related to Ireland and the culture of its people! Historical as well as Fun facts, we have included a variety of different facts. Information and facts about Ireland. We have included a selection of different facts, historical, interesting, sad, cultural, religious and fun facts suitable for all ages!

Facts about Ireland - History

  • History Facts 1 - The Battle of The Boyne was an iconic event in Irish history which took place on the 1st July 1690. The Battle of The Boyne is commemorated every year on the 12th July by Protestants who march to celebrate the victory of Protestant King Billy over the Catholics and is known simply as 'The Twelfth'

  • History Facts 2 - The famous Irish saying 'To Hell or to Connaught' is a result of Oliver Cromwell's plans for the Irish according to the Act of Settlement 1653 where the Irish people were forced from their lands which were then given to the English. The people had the choice to die or move to Connaught!

  • History Facts 3 - Irish legend credits St Patrick with the Celtic Cross. It is believed he combined the pagan sun god (the circle) with a traditional Christian cross to create a Celtic cross

  • History Facts 4 - The Celtic Trinity Knot symbolises the 'Trinity' and represents the three forms of God as a single being. God the father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • History Facts 5 - From the 12th to the 20th Century, Ireland was not an independent national state

  • History Facts 6 -  Irish soldiers fought in the battles of numerous other countries from the thirty years war fought in Europe to the American Civil War

  • History Facts 7 - In 1678, half the population of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat were Irish! It is the only other country outside Ireland that has a national holiday on the 17th March, St Patricks Day

  • History Facts 8 - National Schools were established in Ireland in 1831 by the British Government. Parents no longer had to pay for their children to attend Hedge Schools

  • History Facts 9 - In the 2012 during the Queen's Jubilee River Thames Pageant, the barge 'Gloriana' displayed flags for the four nations of the United Kingdom, the Saint Patrick's Cross was flown to represent Northern Ireland instead of the Union Banner also known as the Union Jack

  • History Facts 10 - The Classical Latin name for the island of Ireland is Hibernia

  • History Facts 11 - Ireland was never conquered by the Romans, one of only a few Western European countries that the Romans didn't invade

  • History Facts 12 - In 1949, Eire becomes a Republic and leaves the Commonwealth

  • History Facts 13 - Ireland joined the United Nations in 1955

  • History Facts 14 - On the 30th January 1972, 13 demonstrators in Derry are killed by soldiers from the Parachute Regiment,  known as 'Bloody Sunday'

Irish History - Facts About Ireland

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Facts about Ireland - Travel

  • Ireland Travel Facts 1 - In 2002, the Irish Punt was replaced by the Euro as the new unit of currency for the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland's currency is the pound also known as sterling

  • Ireland Travel Facts 2 - In April 1958, the airline Aer Lingus launched its first passenger service to the USA

  • Ireland Travel Facts 3 - The Ha'penny Bridge across the River Liffey is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin! The pedestrian bridge was built in 1816

  • Ireland Travel Facts 4 - Belfast City Airport was renamed to George Best Airport in 2006 in memory of the world famous football player who was born in Belfast

  • Ireland Travel Facts 5 - Bord Failte, the Irish tourist board is established in 1952 hoping to encourage tourism to the Republic of Ireland

  • Ireland Travel Facts 6 - In 1985, 329 people on board an Air India Boeing 747 are killed by a bomb, the plane crashes into the sea 80 miles off the Irish coast

  • Ireland Travel Facts 7 - Knock Regional Airport in County Mayo is officially opened in 1986

  • Ireland Travel Facts 8 - Nelson Mandela visited Ireland in 1992

Facts about Ireland - Counties

  • Ireland Facts 1 - The island of Ireland comprises four provinces; Ulster, Connaught, Leinster and Munster

  • Ireland Facts 2 - Ulster is made up of nine counties (Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Monaghan, and Tyrone)

  • Ireland Facts 3 - Leinster is made up of  twelve counties (Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow)

  • Ireland Facts 4 - Connaught is made up of  five counties (Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo)

  • Ireland Facts 5 - Munster is made up of  six counties (Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford)

  • Ireland Facts 6 - Three of the provinces of Ulster are part of the Republic of Ireland (Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan), the remaining six are part of Northern Ireland

  • Ireland Facts 7 - There are a total of 32 counties in the island of Ireland. 26 in the republic and 6 in Northern Ireland. Often Northern Ireland is referred to as 'The Six Counties'.

  • Ireland Facts 8 - The highest point in Ireland is Carrauntoohil in County Kerry, it is over 1,000 m high and features a 5 metre high metal cross on the summit

Facts about Ireland - Trivia

  • Irish Facts 1 - Ireland is a nation of horse lovers! There are 26 race courses in Ireland, 24 in the Republic and 2 in Northern Ireland

  • Irish Facts 2 - Cork harbour is the largest natural harbour in Ireland

  • Irish Facts 3 - The town of Cobh in County Cork is where the Titanic made its last port of call on its fateful maiden voyage

  • Irish Facts 4 - The National symbol of Ireland is the Celtic harp and not the Shamrock!

  • Irish Facts 5 - Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and his feast day is celebrated each year on the 17th March

  • Irish Facts 6 - The Claddagh Ring represents Friendship, Love and Marriage. The Heart represents love, the hands symbolise friendship and the crown symbolises loyalty

  • Irish Facts 7 - The Irish flag is known as the tricolor

  • Irish Facts 8 - Leprechaun means "Artisan of the Brogue" or Shoe Maker

  • Irish Facts 9 - The air traffic control sign for Aer Lingus is Shamrock! Aer Lingus planes all feature a Shamrock on their tailfins

  • Irish Facts 10 - The Freedom of Information act was passed in the Republic of Ireland in 1998

  • Irish Facts 11 - Montserrat in the West Indies is nicknamed the 'Emerald Isle of the Caribbean'. Some say this is due to its coastline resembling that of Ireland but this is more likely due to the fact that thousands of Irish Slaves were sent to the island in the 1600's

  • Irish Facts 12 - Dublin Zoo opened in 1830 by the Dublin Zoological Society

  • Irish Facts 13 - Ireland first took part in the Olympic games in 1928, they won a gold medal at the hammer throwing event!

  • Irish Facts 14 - Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Ireland in May 2011, the first British monarch to visit Ireland since George V exactly one hundred years before in 1911!

  • Irish Facts 15 - Hibernian Football club in Scotland was formed in 1875 by Irish Immigrants

  • Irish Facts 16 - The last sighting of a Golden Eagle in Ireland took place in County Donegal in 1928

  • Irish Facts 17 - The Irish Press newspaper is launched by Eamon de Valera in 1931

  • Irish Facts 18 - John F Kennedy, president of America visits Ireland in June 1963

  • Irish Facts 19 - Richard Nixon, the US president visits Ireland in 1970

  • Irish Facts 20 - VAT is introduced by the Irish government in 1972

  • Irish Facts 21 - The Republic of Ireland joins the EEC in 1973

  • Irish Facts 22 - Shergar, the famous race horse is kidnapped from his stables in County Kildare in 1983, he was never found

  • Irish Facts 23 - Ronald Regan, the US president visits Ireland in 1984

  • Irish Facts 24 - Ireland is 70,273 sq km in size

Facts about Ireland - Music

  • Fact 1 - Henry VIII of England was believed to be a great lover of Irish harp music and when he took control of Ireland he had a harp embossed on the currency

  • Fact 2 - Bob Geldof, an Irish musical organised the Iconic Band Aid concert in 1985 to raise funds for the Ethiopian Famine victims

  • Fact 3 - Daniel O'Donnell is one of Irelands most successful country music singers. He recorded his first single in February 1983 a cover of Johnny McCauley's "My Donegal Shore", about his home county

  • Fact 4 - Ireland won the Eurovision song Contest for the first time in 1970. The artist Dana performed "All Kinds of Everything"

  • Fact 5 - Enya is the most successful female singer in Ireland. Her full name is Enya Brennan (Gaelic: Eithne Ní Bhraonái) and she was born in County Donegal in 1961. She is best know for the iconic song called 'Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)'

  • Fact - U2 release their iconic 'The Unforgettable Fire' album in 1984

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