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Female Irish Names

A useful guide to female Irish Names. Find the perfect Irish, Celtic or Gaelic female name! We have included a list of popular Irish female names as well as the top ten list of female Irish Names including pronunciation. Discover the naming convention that was traditionally used for Irish females.

Choosing an Irish name for the new female addition to a family has become an extremely popular choice in recent years. Female names like Mary and Bridget, although traditional Irish names are once again growing in popularity as people of Irish heritage all over the world want to continue their heritage by naming their children in memory of their own family members.

Female Irish Names
Different spellings are often used for female names as well as the Gaelic version of the name. Instead of Ann, people are choosing Aine (Ann-yah), The spelling for Kiera is often changed to the Irish form 'Ciara'.

Many people believe the name 'Colleen' is a traditional Irish name, truth is it translates to 'Girl' and is a very unlikely choice for an Irish parent! The same goes for Erin and Shannon, both popular female names in recent years. Erin means from Ireland and Shannon is the largest river in Ireland, both are beautiful names but not likely to be choices of an Irish parent.

Irish Names - Female Irish Names

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Female Irish Names - Naming Convention
Traditionally the following protocol was used to name female members of the family but more often nowadays, the name is used as a middle name instead of a first name:

  • The First born daughter is named after the maternal grandmother (motherís mother)

  • The Second daughter is named after the paternal grandmother (fatherís mother)

  • The Third daughter is named after the mother

  • The Fourth daughter is named after her motherís oldest sister (Aunt)

  • Subsequent children can be named as the parent pleases!

Top 10 List of Female Irish Names
The following list of the top ten Female Gaelic Names found in Ireland today including the pronunciation of the name:

  • Caoimhe (Kee-Vah)

  • Aoife (Ee-Fa)

  • Ava (Arr-va)

  • Aising (Ash-Ling)

  • Saoirse (Seer-Sha)

  • Niamh (Ne-eve)

  • Roisin (Rosh-een)

  • Clodagh (Cloo-Dah)

  • Aine (Ann-Ya)

  • Ciara (Keer-ra)

Female Irish Names - List
Our list of top Irish female names can be found on our desktop site and provides a great selection of the most popular Irish female names. If you are looking something different or unusual, then the list of Irish female names provides traditional yet unique ideas for female names. Hopefully the following list of Irish, Celtic and Gaelic female names will help you select the perfect name for the new member of your family.

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