Irish Sayings

A comprehensive guide to Irish Sayings. A great selection of sayings and quotes suitable for all occasions including Birthday, Weddings and St Patrick's Day! All you need to know about the sayings, phrases, quotes and greetings associated with the Emerald Isle! Origins and meanings of different Celtic phrases, sayings and toasts. There are a huge number of sayings associated with the Celtic people of Ireland, read our selection of funny sayings and quotes in English and Irish!

Read a selection of sayings in both English and Irish. Some may be familiar to you, others new, they are guaranteed to raise a smile or two! Funny, Amusing and Witty, a great selection of traditional sayings. Also included is the meaning of the sayings in today's language to help you understand!

Irish Sayings
Irish or Gaelic sayings or proverbs are known as 'Seanfhocail' which translates as 'Old Words'. The people of Ireland are famous for their sense of humor and amusing sayings.

Irish Sayings - Phrases
A phrase is a group of words that make up a sentence and over the years the people of Ireland have become well known for their amazing gift of constructing some amazing phrases and sayings using their natural wit and humor. The people of the Emerald Isle have sayings and phrases for every occasion, sad or happy! Read through our selection of sayings, something for every occasion. The Irish have an amazing way to describe people, from the liar who is described as being able to "tell lies as fast as a horse would trot" to comparing a chilly day by the following phrase "There's a step-mother's breath in the air". Hundreds of Traditional, Funny, Witty phrases have been included in our section on Irish phrases, you are guaranteed to find something suitable!

Irish Sayings - Quotes
Browse though our selection of quotes from Ireland and find something for every occasion, use the Gaelic version of the quote to impress your Irish friends and family or something different to use on your status update. Looking for a St Patrick's day quote to text or email wishes to friends or to write in a Christmas card? Whatever the occasion we have something for everyone! How about "Is binn béal ina thost" which translates to "A Silent mouth is Sweet" meaning in today's language that "Silence is Golden". Perhaps you are looking for a quote from a famous Irish person? Poets, Writers, Actors, Movie and Pop Stars, we have included a huge selection of quotes for you to enjoy!

"A life making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing at all."
George Bernard Shaw

Beautiful Irish Sunset

Irish Sayings - Toasts
The most popular Irish toast is 'Sláinte!' which translates to cheers in English. The people of Ireland however have an amazing variety of toasts to celebrate every occasion from Christmas, New Year to Weddings and even Funerals! Read through our selection of toasts and sayings in Gaelic together with their English translation. If you are looking for something different to say at your next celebration, family reunion or to impress your Irish family, look no further for a great selection of toasts!


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Sayings - Luck of the Irish!
What does "Luck of the Irish" really mean? This saying is the subject of much debate. Some feel it means bad luck! Click on the link above and make up your own mind about this familiar Irish saying which is often used nowadays as a toast to wish luck to friends and family. We have included lots of different thoughts and suggestions on the true meaning of this famous saying to enable you to make up you own mind!

Irish Sayings - Limericks
Limericks are traditional sayings as well as a popular form of poetry made famous worldwide by Edward Lear. His humorous limericks are read by children all over the world and often a way to encourage young children to write their first poem. Limericks are often turned into 'Limerick Song's', these  are popular drinking songs which are funny but often obscene, the following limerick song however is suitable for all ages!

A flea and a fly in a flue,
Were stuck there, so what could they do?
Said the fly, "Let us flee!",
Said the flea, "Let us fly!",
So they flew through a flaw in the flue

Click on the following link for a huge selection of Limericks, a great Limerick reference site!

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