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A comprehensive guide to the Irish Leprechaun! All you need to know about the Leprechaun Irish symbol. The Leprechaun is commonly associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle. Information and facts on the Leprechaun Irish symbol, read about the meaning and origin of the Irish Leprechaun! There are a huge number of symbols that are associated with the people and culture of Ireland. Learn about the history and origin of Leprechaun, a truly  iconic symbol of Ireland. Read about the leprechaun symbols history and origins, everything you need to know about the Leprechaun!!

Origin and History of the Leprechaun
The Leprechaun or "Artisan of the Brogue" is known in many stories as the Fairy Shoemaker with a hidden pot of gold! Irish children are told the story of the leprechaun and his hidden pot of gold to be found at the end of a rainbow. An old poem by Nora Chesson the famous English poet of Irish descent says "If you can catch the Leprechaun and keep him in your hold, He'll show you where lies buried a crock of fairy gold". Read the full text of the Leprechaun Poem as well as a beautiful story about a Leprechaun, we have even included some funny leprechaun jokes!

Leprechaun Irish Symbol - Poem
The following poem entitled 'The Leprechaun' is by the famous English poet Nora Chesson (2 January 1871 – 14 April 1906). Nora Chesson nee Hopper was of Irish descent and was involved with the Irish Literary revival of the 1890's. She was highly praised for her poems and stories about Ireland in a book published in 1918 called 'Modern English Writers: Being a study of Imaginative literature 1890-1914'. She appeared in the section about 'Irish Poetesses' and was referred to as both Hopper (her maiden name) and Chesson (her married name).

The Leprechaun by Nora Chesson

O have you seen the Leprechaun at darking of the moon?
have you seen the Leprechaun a-clouting fairy soon?
Beneath the sacred thorn-tree he sits and labours long,
And not a bird in Ireland can better him in song.

His eyes are changeful-coloured as any opal stone,
His mouth is sly and wistful with wisdom all his own;
His ears can hear the grass grow a hundred miles away,
He's younger than to-morrow, more old than yesterday.

If you can catch the Leprechaun and keep him in your hold,
He'll show you where lies buried a crock of fairy gold;
But you must never lose your grasp whatever wile he tries,
Though you see your cabin flaming before your very eyes.

But if you let him escape you, some wisdom you'll have won
By holding wisdom in your hand beneath the moon or sun ;
Though t'were only for a moment, and suddenly withdrawn.
Oh have you ever met him, the red-capped Leprechaun?

The Leprechaun  - Published in the English Illustrated Magazine, 1903

Facts about the Leprechaun Irish Symbol

  • Leprechaun means "Artisan of the Brogue" or Shoe Maker

  • The tale of the Leprechaun is popular worldwide and the leprechaun is a popular Irish symbol featured on Irish gifts and keepsakes sold to tourists

  • It is an old Irish Tradition that at the end of a rainbow you will find a leprechauns pot of gold!

  • A leprechaun is not to be messed with, just read our story above!

  • If you find a leprechaun, be kind and he may just give you a pot of gold! Good Luck!!!

  • The Irish Gaelic word for Leprechaun is 'Leipreachán'

  • The correct spelling for this mischievous little creature is Leprechaun; however incorrect spellings for the word to describe this little Irish shoemaker include lubrican, lubricans, leprehaun, leprechauns, lepracorn, lepricorn and lepreehawn!

Leprechaun Irish Symbol - Jokes
Apologies in advance, these leprechaun jokes are terrible!

What is small, green and travels at three hundred miles per hour?
A leprechaun in a blender!

What would a leprechaun in the state of Texas have?
A pot of chilli at the end of his rainbow!

How would you know a frog Leprechaun?
He would have a croak of gold!

What kind of Leprechaun would be in prison?
A lepre-con!

Can you borrow money from a leprechaun?
No - He is always a little short!

What is small, green and and stuck to your fender?
A leprechaun who didn't see you coming!

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