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A comprehensive guide to Celtic Patterns. All you need to know about the different patterns which are commonly associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle. Information and facts on patterns, read about their meaning and origin.

There are a huge number of symbols that are associated with the Celtic people of Ireland, learn about the history and origin of these beautiful Patterns, truly  iconic symbols of Ireland. Read about the symbols history and origins, everything you need to know about Celtic Patterns.

Origin and History of Celtic Patterns
In medieval times, meanings were given to basically everything seen by man! This included numbers as well as animals! Celtic Patterns were designed from a variety of different components including interlacing ribbon, mythical animals, knots and swirls, each with its own specific meaning.

Celtic manuscripts incorporated a lot of intricate design and decorative initial letters were designed using mythical animals, this was an extremely popular choice. Celtic Crosses marking graves and holy ground usually also included knots and swirls and sometimes acronyms for religious symbols. Celtic and High Crosses also often depicted images of bible scenes such as the resurrection and Jesus' ascension into heaven. 

Zoomorphic patterns incorporated animals in the design and were frequently found in ancient manuscripts. Zoomorphic Design uses animals shaped into other forms such as letters. Many Celtic manuscripts were decorated using this type of pattern.


Facts about the Celtic Patterns Symbols
Celtic Patterns are made up from a variety of different components including humans, mythical animals, plants, knots and swirls

Zoomorphic patterns incorporate animals in the design and were frequently found in ancient manuscripts

Most of the graphical depictions of knots used in Celtic patterns are either endless knots or basket weave knots

Celtic Crosses marking graves and holy ground usually include knots and swirls and occasional acronyms for religious symbols. They are extremely unlike to incorporate zoomorphic figures as this would be considered disrespectful towards the dead

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Celtic Patterns are extremely popular choices for tattoo designs, different knot work and patterns can be incorporated in a single design, ideal for a unique tattoo

Although many Celtic designs were originally used in manuscripts and stonework such as crosses, the patterns and design make fantastic decorative and jewelry items and the patterns can be often seen in elaborate pendants, rings and even wedding tiaras!

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