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Airports In Ireland

A comprehensive guide to airports in Ireland including their flight destinations and locations. Ireland has several international airports and many more regional airports. In this section we have included a list of the airports in Ireland complete with their airport codes and location.

Find out which airport is closest to your Irish holiday destination and whether the airport is in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland which are in fact two completely separate countries!

English: Airport
Gaelic: Aerfort

Airports in Ireland - Munster
The following International airports are in the province of Munster which includes counties, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Waterford Limerick and Tipperary (the airport codes are in brackets):

  • Cork Airport (ORK)

  • Kerry Airport (KIR)

  • Shannon Airport (SNN)

  • Waterford Airport (WAT)

Cork International Airport (ORK) is located four miles from Cork City. It is an airline hub for several airlines including Monarch, Ryanair and Aer Lingus. Destinations include Dubrovnik, Lanzarote, Florence and Jersey and airlines that serve Cork Airport include Onur Air, Wizz Air, Croatian Airlines and Aer Lingus.

Kerry Airport (KIR) is a regional airport located in County Kerry in the Southwest of Ireland. As well as scheduled flights to destinations such as London and Scotland it also has several charter flights to the European Catholic shrines of Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorj.

Shannon Airport (SNN) serves the south west of Ireland. It is located in Shannon, County Clare and is both a regional and International airport. Shannon airport became the worlds first duty free airport when the "Customs Free Airport Act" was passed in 1947

Waterford Airport (WAT) is located in the South East of Ireland in County Waterford, a county famous for its crystal! Destinations include London, Dusseldorf and Paris and airlines that operate from Waterford airport include Aer Lingus and Flybe.

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Airports In Ireland - Facts

  • The national Airline of Ireland is Air Lingus, originally known as Irish Sea Airways

  • The first regular air service from Ireland to England began in 1924, the flight was from Belfast to Liverpool

  • In 1945 the first Transatlantic passenger Aer Lingus flight arrived at Shannon Airport

  • TWA, BOAC and Pan-American Airlines begin regular flights to Ireland in 1946 (Shannon airport)

  • Aer Lingus launched the first Boeing 707 jet in 1960, the plane was called St Patrick after the patron saint of Ireland

  • April 1958 saw the launch of Aer Lingus' first passenger service from Ireland to the USA

  • PanAm began its first passenger service between Ireland and America in 1960

  • Knock Regional Airport in County Mayo is officially opened in 1986

  • In 1989, Mikhail Gorbachev  the leader of the Soviet Union made a brief visit to Ireland while waiting for his plane to refuel at Shannon Airport

  • Shannon airport in Ireland was the worlds first duty free airport!

  • During the Gulf War in 1991, the Government of Ireland allowed US airforce planes to refuel at Shannon airport

Which airports are located in each province? Facts about the different airports in Ireland. Did you know that Shannon airport in Ireland was the worlds first duty free airport?

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