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A useful guide to travel in Ireland. Information and facts on getting to Ireland as well as a list of tourist attractions and travel Maps.

A warm welcome is guaranteed to greet every visitor to this wonderful country and a 'Cead Mile Faile' (Gaelic greeting meaning 'A Hundred Thousand Welcomes') awaits visitors to the Emerald Isle!

The Island of Ireland is situated in the North Atlantic ocean, west of Great Britain. It is made up of two separate countries, each with their own government, laws and currency. Northern Ireland occupies approximately one sixth of the island of Ireland with the Republic taking up approximately five sixths of the island.

Ireland Travel - Where Is Ireland?
The Island of Ireland is situated in the North Atlantic ocean, west of Great Britain. It is made up of two separate countries, each with their own government, laws and currency. Northern Ireland occupies approximately one sixth of the island of Ireland with the Republic taking up approximately five sixths of the island.

Northern Ireland one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland is a completely separate country.


Travel - Castles
Ireland is a country full of amazing historical buildings including a huge number of castles.  Its castles are used for a wide range of purposes, some have been preserved and are national parks for the public to enjoy, others are used for wedding venues or luxury hotels while many are unfortunately just ruins. We have included information and pictures on a selection of castles as well as a list of Irish castles and interesting facts!

Travel - Holiday Cottages

Renting a holiday cottage when you travel to Ireland is a great way to experience authentic Irish life. There are a huge range of cottages available ranging from traditional thatched cottages to state of the art modern homes. You can even rent a castle for your visit to this beautiful country! Holiday cottages are an ideal choice for larger groups or families and the choice is endless whether you opt for a beach side location for amazing views or prefer a town centre base to experience the 'craic' in one of the many fantastic Irish pubs, the choice is yours!

Irish Travel - Tour
One of the most important things to remember when you travel in Ireland apart from driving on the LEFT is that it is in fact two separate countries! Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom so speed limits on the roads are the same as in England, Scotland and Wales and are measured in miles per hour whereas the Republic of Ireland measures speed in kilometers per hour.

This can be particularly confusing when renting a car in the Republic and crossing the border into Northern Ireland, the speedometer on the car will report km/h not mph! Stopping to refuel can also be confusing when crossing between Northern Ireland and the Republic due to the change in currency. Northern Ireland uses Sterling whereas the unit of currency in the Republic of Ireland is Euros. This should not put anyone off travel to the North of the country, the scenery is just as spectacular as the south of Ireland.

Ferry Crossings - Ireland Travel
Why not Travel to Ireland from England or France by car, motor home, caravan or motorcycle? It  is a great way to explore the whole of the British Isles! There are regular crossings from Scotland, England, Wales and France.

Several ferry operators provide a stress free way to travel and with no excess baggage charges it is an ideal choice for families or those who wish to travel with pets. Kennels are available on most crossings for those wishing to take their pet on holiday with them! The main ferry operators who travel between Ireland and England are Stena Line, P & O Ferries and Irish Ferries. Routes between Ireland and France are operated by Brittany Ferries and Celtic Link Ferries. Ferry's are a great way to ensure stress free travel!

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Irish Airlines - Ireland Travel
Ireland has several international airports and many more regional airports. Find out which airport is closest to your Irish holiday destination. Which airports are located in each province? Lots of interesting and useful facts about the different airports. Do you want to book a package holiday or would you prefer to discover this amazing country alone? Irish accommodation is varied from large city centre hotels, traditional thatched cottages to modern fully equipped holiday homes as well as a huge selection of privately owned and run B & B's (Bed and Breakfast).

Ireland Travel - The Giants Causeway
The Giants Causeway is an amazing day out in Northern Ireland which is suitable for all ages. The amazing visitors centre has beautiful views of the Antrim coast and provides a wealth of useful information on both the myths and legends behind this unique rock formation as well as the facts and science behind this awesome geological wonder which has been a world heritage site since 1985. Discover the legend of Finn McCool and the mythical stories behind the other rock formations including the camel, the wishing chair and the giants boot as well as the science behind the formation of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns by volcanic and geological activity.

Ireland Travel - The Titanic Museum (Belfast)
The amazing Titanic Museum in Belfast was opened on the 31st March 2012 and coincided with the 100th anniversary of Titanic's launch in Belfast. Discover facts and amazing stories about the passengers and survivors of the most famous ship in history. Take a tour of the shipyard where the iconic ship was built and find out the story behind the building of this amazing vessel. Suitable for all ages, the Titanic museum is the place to visit in Northern Ireland. A great way to discover the stories of the people who built the ship, the crew, passengers and survivors as well as information on the discovery of the wreck and the items recovered, a truly wonderful day out for the whole family.

Ireland Travel - Weather
The climate in the emerald isle is unique! Tourists do not visit this country for its weather! You can literally experience four seasons in one day!

The best advice for visitors to Ireland is to be prepared, wearing layers is the key and a good waterproof jacket is also essential. Irish rainbows are common, the weather can change within minutes from beautiful sunshine to a torrential shower replaced a few minutes later by sunshine again.

Wind is also an issue in exposed locations but the changeable weather should not put anyone off visiting this amazing country. A good pair of walking shoes is also advised, you will want to explore the unspoilt countryside. It has a fantastic network of rambling and walking paths, from pleasant strolls to rugged terrain, it has a walks to challenge walkers of any ability.

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