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A useful guide to Castles In Ireland, a country full of amazing historical buildings.  Castles in Ireland are used for a wide range of purposes, some have been preserved and are national parks for the public to enjoy, others are used for wedding venues while some have their own golf courses or are luxury spa hotels. Many castles however are unfortunately just ruins. Some like Bunratty castle in County Clare are in fact national monuments! We have included information on a selection of castles as well as a list of Irish castles and interesting facts on each one.

English: Castle
Gaelic: Caisleán

astles In Ireland - Blarney Castle

Blarney castle in County Cork is a huge tourist attraction. It is visited by thousands of people each week who come to kiss the famous Blarney stone in hope that they receive the 'gift of the gab'! The Blarney stone is built into the battlements of the castle and kissing it is no easy job! After climbing to the top of the castle you then need to lean backwards over the parapet, a castle assistant is available to help but it not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights!

Castles In Ireland - Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle in County Clare is a national monument, it is an amazing example of a fully restored castle and has been open for the public to enjoy since 1960. It is built on the site of Viking trading camp and has been home to Irish forces as well as being used as a barracks in the past. In 1954 the Irish Peer, Standish Vereker, 7th Viscount Gort bought the castle and saved it from ruin. Today there is a folk park next to the castle where visitors can experience Irish life in the 19th century and includes houses, shops, a pub and even gypsy caravans!

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Castles In Ireland - Glenveagh Castle
Glenveagh Castle is situated in the beautiful county of Donegal in the North West of Ireland near the town of Letterkenny in the Derryveagh Mountains. The castle is a 19th century castellated mansion in Scottish baronial style which was completed in 1873 and has a very interesting history. Today the castle and its amazing gardens are a national park. The public can visit the park and its beautiful gardens and enjoy a guided castle tour. Its remote setting is truly spectacular and its grounds are home to the largest herd of red deer in Ireland.

Fairytale Weddings - Castles In Ireland - The Ultimate Romantic Choice!
Many castles in Ireland have been lovingly converted into hotels offering you the chance to have a romantic, fairytale wedding in an amazing castle setting. Castles provide a beautiful backdrop for photos of your special day. Many Irish castles cater for weddings complete with servants, caterers and overnight accommodation. Your wedding wish can come true - be a princess for a day and have your wedding in a castle in Ireland!

Why were Castles in Ireland Built?
Castles in Ireland were originally built to:

  • Act as a power base in Ireland

  • Overawe and frighten the native population

  • Provide a safe home for Irish noble families

  • Symbols of political power and wealth

Castles in Ireland were usually built:

  • On the highest ground in the area

  • Usually featured Gatehouses

  • Often adjoined Rivers

  • Overlooking towns

  • Usually consisted of a main central Keep or Main Tower

  • Many featured a High wall, complete with towers surrounding the Keep and the Inner Bailey

  • Several Outer Walls and Outer Baileys were often added in the process of Irish Castle Building

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