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The Giants Causeway

A useful guide to The Giants Causeway, an amazing world heritage site in Northern Ireland. Discover the myths and legends as well as the science behind this unique rock formation.

Find out about the legend of Finn McCool, the giant from Irish mythology who is said to have built these 'stepping stones' from Ireland to Scotland to visit his enemy, the giant Benandonner.

What is the scientific explanation for this awesome rock formation which is made up of over forty thousand basalt columns? Why are the rocks shaped like hexagons?

Where is The Giants Causeway? - Location
The Giants Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland is a must see for any visitor to Ireland. Although situated in Northern Ireland, any visitor to the Republic or South should make every effort to visit this unique and stunning world heritage site. The Causeway coastal route is well signposted from both the cities of Belfast and Derry, nearby airports include City of Derry Airport and both of Belfast's airports, George Best and the International airport. The causeway is also accessible from Dublin airport, follow the road signs for Belfast and Derry, ensure you inform your car hire company of your intentions to travel from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland as despite the lack of obvious borders these are in fact two separate countries with their own currency and road laws. Make sure you keep an eye on the road signs and know whether the speed limit is in miles per hour (Northern Ireland) and kilometres per hour (Republic of Ireland).

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The Giants Causeway - Myths & Legend
There are many myths and legends associated with Ireland but the giant Finn McCool and his footbridge has to be one of the most famous! Legend tells us that the giant Finn McCool built a footbridge (the causeway) to Scotland to have an argument with his enemy, the giant Benandonner who lived there. When Finn arrived in Scotland he was amazed at the size of Benandonner and fled home as fast as he could across the causeway. Unfortunately Benandonner chased Finn back to Ireland!

A bit of quick thinking on the part of Finns wife Una saved Finn, she quickly gave Finn some clothes to change into and told him to go into the bedroom and pretend to be a baby. When the giant Benandonner arrived at Finn McCool's door, Una invited him in for tea! On hearing a noise in the bedroom, Benandonner demanded to see who was in there! Una opened the door and Benandonner saw Finn lying on the bed dressed as a baby. Shocked at the size of the baby, Benandonner fled back to Scotland destroying most of the causeway or footbridge as he went, he was so scared of the potential size of Finn McCool after seeing the size of his baby!

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