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Enjoy using our free online Irish Gaelic Translation Dictionary. We have included over five hundred everyday words and numbers. Do you know how to count in the Irish language? Teach your children common Irish phrases or translate your favorite phrase and prayers into Irish Gaelic. Have fun with our free translator and learn in the process!

A great way to teach your children about their Irish heritage. Perhaps you are looking for something different for your next tattoo design? A traditional Irish Gaelic word is perfect, how about the Irish word for Love? "Grá" or Peace? "Síocháin"

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Irish Gaelic Translation
Click on the relevant letter below for a free English to Gaelic translation. Our free online dictionary contains over 500 everyday words in English and their Irish equivalent. Discover what a particular English word is in Irish. Use the dictionary to refresh your memory of the Irish language, print off the individual sections and teach your children to count in Irish or understand simple words. Use the dictionary to construct your own Irish sentence to write a personal message to your friends and family.

Check our our Irish sayings section, we have included lots of Irish blessings and sayings. Use the dictionary to translate your favorite blessing, prayer or saying. A great teaching resource! How about constructing your own sentence in Irish to send to your friends and family as a greeting for Saint Patrick's Day or a unique status update!

Ireland Blessings - Irish Gaelic Translation

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Irish Gaelic Translation - Pictures and Videos
Discover the vast selection of Irish Gaelic words and their English translation all used by the Celtic people of Ireland. Everyday words in Irish Gaelic and English have been included in our free online dictionary. The pictures bring to life the different words used by the people of this amazing country. A great resource for all ages. Useful as a resource for people of all ages, perhaps you want to add a few Gaelic words to a special speech for you next reunion with Irish family members or friends.

Are you researching a saying to use on St Patricks day? Just browse through our online dictionary above for a selection of beautiful Irish Gaelic words and numbers! We have included pictures and videos to accompany the Irish Gaelic Translation section.

The videos enable fast access to the images and pictures together with information and lots of examples of different words, sayings and traditional phrases. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a great fun resource for everyone! Print off your favorite section and practice whenever you can!

English = Love
Irish Gaelic =  Grá

English =Peace
Irish Gaelic = Síocháin


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